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Telephone Number Maintenance

Telephone Number Maintenance is of vital importance and will help ensure the public receives full system benefits.

Telephone number address assignment or verification

Upon request, the 9-1-1 service provider will provide a list of landline phone numbers within the community for validation.  Additionally, partial lists may be sent as needed if there are telephone subscribers without 9-1-1 valid addresses; ex: if an area is being redeveloped, restructured or if there are concerns regarding current addressing and  the effects it has on emergency response.

9-1-1 Database Errors

If a 9-1-1 caller reports a different address than what automatically appears on the dispatcher's screen, an error report is generated. The Addressing Officer will be contacted by the local phone company for the correct address. It is critical that these error reports are responded to within 24 hours of receipt.

Changes to Report

Changes within a community that should be reported, the appropriate form, and who should receive it are listed below:

  • Changes in emergency response for the whole town or part of a town:
    Emergency Service Zone Form
    Provide to: Emergency Services Communication Bureau, 207-287-1039 (fax)

  • New roads, road name changes, road extensions, deletions, creation of new addresses & address reassignments:

    Road Update Form
    Provide to: ECSB/GIS
    Contact Information: 1-800-665-2830 (phone) and 1-866-710-7381 (fax)

Examples of 911 Mapping Edits/Changes Reported on an MSAG Update Form:

The addition of a new street/road ( Example 1 & Example 2): Include the street name, the name of closest intersecting street, the address where the new road intersects. Also needed is the address range information for the new road and a brief description drawn on a copy of the map book page.

The extension of a street/road ( Example 1 & Example 2 ): When an existing street is extended in length, which affects the total address range. The new address range must be provided.

A street/road name change: ( Example ) When a road name changes, both the new road name and old road name are needed.

A deleted street/road ( Example 1 & Example 2 ): When a road is discontinued or is no longer passable, it should be reported so that the road is removed from the emergency road network.

An address range change: ( Example ) When the total or intersection-to-intersection range is changed on a street, the new address ranges must be provided.

When the location of a road is changed: ( Example ) If a roads location is found to be in error or the road alignment is changed enough to affect location or address information, a drawing depicting the change should accompany the maintenance form. Any resulting address range changes should also be reported.