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Public Safety Answering Points

A Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is a facility with enhanced 9-1-1 capability, operated on a 24-hour basis, assigned the responsibility of receiving 9-1-1 calls and, as appropriate, directly dispatching emergency services or, through transfer routing or relay routing, passing 9-1-1 calls to public or private safety agencies.

Currently, there are 24 PSAPs in Maine.

The Bureau plays an integral part in the PSAP's total operation. Each PSAP has between two and 12 Answering Position Units (APUs) that receive wireline and wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 emergency calls. The APU displays the name, address and callback number of a wireline caller. In the case of a wireless caller, the system displays the address of the wireless tower that delivered the call, the caller's cell phone number, and possibly, the approximate location of the caller. The equipment also handles calls from VoIP callers.

Emerging new technologies such ACN (Automatic Crash Notification) and telematics such as OnStar present new challenges regarding the routing and location of emergency callers. Solutions for these new technologies are being explored on a national level and will be implemented in Maine as soon as they are deemed reliable and commercially available.

Text to 911 Training

Text to 911 for PSAPs

Text to 911 Knowledge Check

NG911 PSAP Performance Alerts

Text to 911 Functionality October 2018 (Adobe PDF)

Outbound Text Functionality September 2018(Adobe PDF)

Selective Transfer Agency (STA) Transfer Button September 2018(Adobe PDF)

DTMF Tone Detection for Silent Call Processing August 4, 2016 (Adobe PDF)

ALI Print Functionality March 12, 2015 (Adobe Reader PDF)

Contact Flyout and Search Functionality September 2018 (Adobe PDF)

ANI/ALI Discrepancy Reporting September 2018 (Adobe Reader PDF)

Contact, Speed Dial Genovation Change Process September 2018(Adobe PDF)

TTY Welcome Message September 2018(Adobe PDF)


Map Application Practice

Map Practice Scenarios & Answer Key April 23, 2015 (MS Word)

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