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In order for 9-1-1 to work as designed, each structure must be linked to a unique, physical address that clearly identifies where an emergency caller is located (i.e., 35 Pine Road).

Assistance with Addressing

The Bureau, through a contract with the Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems, provides addressing support at no cost to communities. The Bureau also published "The Maine Enhanced 9-1-1 Addressing Guidebook For Local Governments". This manual contains recommended addressing standards and a thorough explanation of the address conversion process.

Authority to Address

Municipal authority to address is granted under Municipal Home Rule Powers as provided in Article VIII, Part 2, Section 1 of Maine State Constitution and Title 30-A MRSA Section 3001. Plantation authority is granted under Title 30-A MRSA Section 7062. County commissioners have the authority to address unorganized territories under Title 30-A MRSA Section 7501 subsection 8.

The Bureau recommends that communities adopt an Addressing Ordinance that clearly defines the local standards.

Model Addressing Ordinance